What is SAR (Search & Rescue)?

In Luke 19: 10, Jesus provided his followers with a clear and succinct definition of His mission – “I have come to seek and save the lost.”  Near the end of His earthly ministry, Jesus told His followers that His mission would now be theirs: “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you” (John 20: 21).  It is now our time to search and rescue people far from God by sharing the gospel with them and discipling those who choose to follow Him.  Search & Rescue is designed to equip and release people into the harvest field to continue the mission of Jesus.


The Metaphor and the Model

SAR is a biblical, simple, reproducible, and economical method of engaging lostness through transitioning everyday conversations into gospel conversations. 


The Metaphor

The concept of a Search and Rescue team as first responders when someone is missing (lost) is the metaphor used to convey the importance of the church searching for lost people and providing the spiritual “aid” in order to bring them to salvation and discipleship.  Just as a wilderness SAR team engages people who are lost, provides immediate aid, and then transports (moves) them to safety, a church SAR team is engaging the lost where they are, sharing the gospel, and then helping new believers move into discipleship as mature followers of Christ.


The Model

Structured around the Four Fields (Five Actions), this process equips everyday believers to do the following:

  • GO into the mission field by daily living on mission
  • GOSPEL presentations using two tools (1) My Story (15-second transitional testimony) and (2) God’s Story (The gospel using the 3-Circles)
  • GROW new believers into disciples using a simple process (OPD – One Page Discipleship)
  • GATHER new believers into missional groups such as DBS (Discovery Bible Studies) and DMLC (Disciple Making Learning Communities)
  • GROW and RELEASE LEADERS who provide the leadership structure for sustainable movement
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