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Praying on Both Sides of Uncertainty

Just a few weeks ago South Texas and Louisiana were uncertain as to what Hurricane Harvey had in store for them. Unfortunately, now we know. The path forward for them is not, and will not, be easy, so this past Sunday we prayed for them. We prayed for those who are grieving, for those who are displaced (many of whom are in shelters), for the responders, for aid and assistance, for hope and for unity. If you would like to provide aid and assistance please visit, the web site for the North American Mission Board, a ministry arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. And please, continue to pray

The next few days ahead for us, fellow Floridians, and many in the Caribbean, are now uncertain due to Hurricane Irma. We do not know what the next few days will bring, but we know it will likely bring pain and devastation to many, maybe even ourselves and those we love. So, what do we do? We prepare, because that is wise. We pray, because God’s grace is most needed and without equal. We pray for wisdom in planning, for leaders to lead, for the strength and willingness to help others, for the faith and courage to face adversity when it arrives, and to be a faithful witness of the love of God and the Lord Jesus Christ so the world can see Him.


In Christ,

Pastor Albert

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