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At Holiday Hill Baptist Church, the missions and ministries are close at home and far beyond our local community, Jacksonville or the Northeast Florida region.  We believe that God, through His son, Jesus, teaches us to go out into our community, city, state, country and world in order to live out the great commission.  The great commission is the command to share the good news of Christ to all people. 

We live out and share this principle by providing local ministries and bible group studies for:

Our church gladly welcomes visitors with open arms.  Get to know us, make friends, learn and grow as you study the Word of God with Christ-centered individuals.  What does ‘Christ-centered’ mean?  It means we believe in Christ as God’s only son, and as a result of our faith in Him for salvation, we look to Christ’s teachings, lessons and life as the example for our own.  We aren’t perfect, and that’s okay.  God has a plan.

HHBC supports local missions and ministries, such as Arlington Community Services, Seafarers Christmas Donations, the Children’s Home and Orphanage and many more. As a supporter of state missions, such as the Maguire State Offering, we help to supply gifts, donations and supplies to those in need throughout Florida.  Some of our other ministries and missions organizations sponsor and travel to other areas in need. Teams have been assembled and sent to Oregon, Alabama, Mississippi and countries such as Brazil and Haiti.

Will you be willing to committ to a group, pray, donate and make time for these great causes for Christ?  We invite you to join us to be challenged to learn the teachings of God, help those in need and share the good news of salvation for all. 

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