Communicating the Love of Christ to All People is our PURPOSE.

 Vacation Bible School is Coming in July!


Join us and the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty July 11-15 for the greatest rodeo of all time!  Rodeos are filled with cowboys falling off bulls, horses knocking down barrels, and colorful clowns keeping everyone laughing. There’s something for everyone!

In truth, life is kind of like a rodeo. It’s filled with falling down, getting back up, brushing yourself off, and trying again. It’s also full of clowning around! God has created a mighty entertaining world in which we can learn to love Him and the people around us.

Willie, Korie, Phil, Miss Kay, Jase, Jep, and the whole Robertson gang all love the parables that Jesus told in the Bible. Christ was a powerful storyteller, and He knew how to get to the heart and mind of a person with the stories He told! Willie’s Redneck Rodeo is filled with these stories of Jesus — as told through the modern-day exploits of the Robertson family. Each day, your children will have the opportunity to learn more about these stories of Jesus through music, games, arts and crafts, activities, and more!